Temple Run

Temple Run

Temple Run is a 2011 3D endless running video game developed and published by the Raleigh-based Imangi Studios. It is produced, designed and programmed by husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, and with art by Kiril Tchangov. The game was initially released for iOS devices, and later ported to Android systems and Windows Phone 8.

A sequel to the original game was released on January 17, 2013, for iOS, and on January 24 for Android. As of June 2014, Temple Run and its sequel have been downloaded over 1 billion times.

In Temple Run, the player controls Guy Dangerous, an archaeologist who embarks on an adventure to seek an ancient and valuable golden idol from a temple in the Gardens of Bomarzo in Italy. Unfortunately, he does not realize that the temple is inhabited by a family of “demonic monkeys” who want to eat him. As the game is an endless running game, there is no end to the temple; the player plays until the character falls off the temple to his demise or is eaten by the crazed monkeys.

While the character is running, the player can tilt their device left or right to move the character to the left or right of the screen to collect coins or avoid objects. There are three types of coin: gold, red, and blue. A golden coin has a value of one credit, red has two credits and blue has three. The coins/credits can be used to buy and then upgrade power-ups and other characters. When the player needs to turn left or right, they swipe their finger across the touchscreen in the corresponding direction. If they wish to jump over an object, they swipe upwards; if they wish to slide under an object, they swipe downwards.

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