Avatar 2

Avatar 2 2016

Avatar 2 is a future film science fiction directed by James Cameron , which will premiere in 2018. Is a successful sequel to Avatar in 2009 .

In 2009 James Cameron said that if the film Avatar will be a success, he hopes to make two sequels of the film. In 2010, Cameron said that, given the success of the film, its earlier claims remain valid. Perspective continuation was something planned from the outset, going up there that have included some scenes in the film to be developed into a new story. Cameron said he wanted to make a sequel “cheaper and faster “and that the story will be a continuation of the characters that appear in Avatar. When interviewed by the AP on the red carpet at the 82nd edition of the Oscars, Cameron said that” if I start tomorrow work on Avatar 2 , I’ll need three years [to finish it]. ” in an interview in August 2013 Cameron said his plans are to make three sequels, so a trilogy Avatar, and is pending agreements to do so. . In the summer of 2013 Cameron officially signed a deal with Fox to make three sequels direct the film Avatar , which were scheduled to appear in December 2017, 2018 and 2019 but were postponed again because it had not been ready in time for the 2018 premiere of the first film in the trilogy due to lack of technology necesare.Cele three sequels will be produced by Lightstorm Entertainment (Cameron’s company) in partnership with 20th Century Fox .

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